Systematize Your Made to Order Workflow

Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

❝ My workspace is a disaster!❞
❝ I know I started on that order... which pile did I put it in?❞
❝ Oh, stink! That order is scheduled to ship today and it's not finished.❞
❝ I'm grateful for the orders coming in, but I feel like my head is spinning trying to keep track of them!❞

If so, you are in exactly the right place!

Just over a year into my business, I realized that winging it was no longer going to work if I wanted to keep from being overwhelmed and occasionally breaking down in tears. I constantly had clusters of in-process orders all over my workspace with very little rhyme or reason as to the flow. I would say it was "organized chaos," but I think that would be too generous!

Over the course of a few weeks, I developed a system that completely changed the workflow of my made-to-order products. To this day, it keeps me 100% aware of where each in-process item is located in my space and ensures that (barring an emergency), it will be finished by the date it is scheduled to ship.

The system takes a little bit of setup and discipline to implement, but once you have it tweaked to fit your needs, it becomes second nature. I hardly even have to think about it anymore, but it's still just as effective as it was in the beginning. And it truly keeps me from completely stressing out during the busiest seasons of my shop.

Is this course for me?

That's a great question. I don't want anyone spending money on a course that's not a good fit.

Systematize Your Made-to-Order Workflow is not for:

✗ supply shops that don't have multiple steps involved in the order fulfillment process

✗ sellers who offer only digital items

✗ shops that exclusively list pre-made or one-of-a-kind products

Systematize Your Made-to-Order Workflow is most definitely for:

✓ handmade sellers who have items that are made to order

✓ shops that offer customized products or accept custom orders

✓ sellers who can benefit from an organized system for processing their orders from the point of purchase all the way through completion and shipping

Is this course only for Etsy sellers?

Definitely not. While the order printing screencast in Module 2 is Etsy-specific and there are a couple of mentions of Etsy, the principles of the system I'm teaching can be applied to any business that fits the criteria above. Regardless of the marketplace or platform where you sell or if you have your own independent site, my system can be adjusted to suit your needs.

But I only get a couple of orders a week and it's easy to keep track of the process. Why would I need a system?

I didn't have any issues with chaos in the beginning, either. But by delaying a workflow system, I created a lot of headache for myself once the growth came. While you may not currently feel the pain, establishing a process now can prevent - or at least greatly decrease - the pain later. It's much more difficult to create and implement systems when you're in the middle of desperately needing them!


Lifetime access to:

☞ 4 live instruction videos

☞ 1 narrated screencast

☞ 1 bonus video about creating margin in your businesss

☞ 1 written bonus lesson with ideas + pictures for optimizing your workspace

☞ supplemental resources

☞ any other content I may add to this course in the future

Course Syllabus


MODULE 1: Your Physical Workflow System

MODULE 2: Printing Orders

MODULE 3: Coding & Filing Orders

MODULE 4: Organizing Your Order Prep & Workflow

MODULE 5: Packaging & Shipping

MODULE 6: Bonus Materials

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